Year 1

Paddington by Michael Bond. Read by Mrs Vango

Listen to the story carefully before using the Time to Talk sheet provided in the home learning section of the class page, to discuss the story. There is no need to write answers for each of the questions as this is simply a prompt to encourage the children to talk about what they have heard and to show how much they have understood. Enjoy !

Oliver’s milkshake by Vivian French Read by Mrs Vango

The final one of our ‘Oliver’ series. In this story Oliver’s Aunty is on a mission to help him like milk. She takes him somewhere special to buy milk and makes him something yummy, scrummy, fruity, frothy, icy, nicey, tip top tasty, dreamy, creamy!

An Undersea Adventure with the Dolphins

Feel the joy of swimming with dolphins.

Wonderful Waterfalls

Listen to the waterfall and let the water wash away your stresses and anxieties.

Mindfulness - Beautiful Bubbles - Let your worries float away with the bubb

The Vegetable song

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